02.12.2023 – 20.01.2024

…the obtrusive presence of an absence…

Neil Clements & Irina Gheorghe

Fri–Sat 12–5pm or by appointment
closed weekend 30–31.12

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Lost and contested histories are reconstructed—crates inhabit the space, marking a sense of mobility, both revealing and obscuring work.

A set of scores for a performance not yet completed—notebooks hold text in multiple languages, slowly breaking down, becoming abstract markers.

‘…the obtrusive presence of an absence…’ is a an exhibition bringing together new work by Neil Clements & Irina Gheorghe. Working across installation, painting and performance and united by long-term negotiations of histories, times and places—the exhibition is animated by fundamental questions of what is there and maybe more importantly what is not.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue featuring a conversation between the artists and the curator Benjamin Fallon, and a newly commissioned text from philosopher Alexi Kukuljevic. The publication will be launched at the finnissage on the 20th January alongside a new performance by Irina Gheorghe.