Publication Launch 28.05.23 4 – 6pm


GWBM [good work bad money] is zine project initiated early last year by Rosie Roberts, hoping to informally set down conversations and thinking surrounding some of the bad economics, labours and institutions that get in the way of good work, and to practise what it would be like to bring together and edit a publication in an open discourse with all participants, despite there being no cash incentive to participate. Contributions include fiction, fact, investigation, whim, will and conversation.

The zine includes brilliant writing by:

  • Andy Grace Hayes
  • Alison Scott & Rachel Grant
  • Daisy Lafarge
  • Hazel Glass
  • Loll Jung
  • Rosalind Blake
  • Rosie Roberts
  • Shona Macnaughton
  • With a stunning cover by Isobel Neviazsky