Broadside offers five studio/office spaces. We offer secure studio space with 24-hour access, wireless Internet, a kitchenette and social space. Studios are suitable primarily for desk-based working.

Studio One

Romulus Studio

Romulus Studio works with technology to develop design for screen, print & web.


Studio Two

Tom Gentle

Tom is a Scottish Writer/Director from Glasgow, whose work encompasses fiction, factual and commercial.


Studio Three

Rosie's Disobedient Press

Rosie’s Disobedient Press is an artist led publishing project centring on writing from marginalised perspectives with a focus on queer, working class and feminist writers with accessibility to writing at its core.


Studio Four

Emmie McLuskey

Emmie McLuskey is an artist based in Glasgow. She works with other artists to produce collaborative work; this has previously taken the form of publications, events, objects, conversations, writing and exhibitions.

Studio Five

Shona Macnaughton

Shona Macnaughton (she/her) is an artist working primarily in performance. The work focuses on how political processes are enforced with language and design, exploring histories of free marketisation and individualisation.